Municipal Governments

Valencia is deeply experienced in privacy and cybersecurity issues for midsize municipalities. We care about Canadian cities and the critical infrastructure they built and protect. We volunteer our time and expertise to keep our communities whole, and we know that starts in the heart of every city.

Carefully protecting critical services

Cities are the pulse of any region. Life flows through them, and the people’s resources must be protected from hackers and fraud. Unfortunately, cities are being targeted because they are so connected to the function of our community. We provide audit and assurance support, and organized incident response to protect you from every angle.

Guard against fraud.

Cities are at the edge of cybersecurity and are becoming more targeted. We help protect you from fraudulent schemes leaking through your cybersecurity program.

Stop overpaying for risk management.

We bring an innovative approach to building cybersecurity programs from the ground up. We can provide services in a way that suits your city’s scale and specific needs with reasonable rates and flexible pricing.

Partner on a clear path.

We don’t expect you to know what you need. We help you reframe your questions and guide you to the right answers.

We’re ready when you are.

We know how difficult is for government entities to buy services—the procurement process must be letter perfect. Being prequalified for supply arrangements means we’re already at the starting line. We’ve removed any hurdles to working with us on even the most sensitive projects.

Outsourced cybersecurity is a simple midmarket solution.

Valencia offers convenient and cost-effective annual cybersecurity and privacy programs. We even developed Citrus, our outsourced cybersecurity solution, with midsized cities in mind. We integrate with your team to provide a dedicated virtual office or a curated basket of services.

Accelerated Incident Response

When your security is breached, we stop damage in its tracks with our rapid six-point approach to containment, recovery, and prevention.

Outsourced Cybersecurity

Citrus is a mutual investment in your cybersecurity assurance. Lock it in for years by integrating with Valencia’s experts.

Cybersecurity Consulting

We assess and advise on the most important risks with advanced security testing, audit, and maturity assessments.

We offer a comprehensive range of cyber security solutions

From the inside out, Valencia peels back the layers of your organization to discover its specific threats and vulnerabilities. We apply rigorous analysis and testing, and provide expert advisory services to keep your organization healthy and risk-free.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Your digital systems are moving to the cloud, and public sector must create solutions that inspire and engage while keeping the confidence of Canadians. We offer security engineering, architecture, and solutions that help. Our team helps you select the write service providers, technology vendors, and technology designs. And we’ll help you manage, or implement the cybersecurity and privacy components.

Security Assurance and Authorization

We know your standards and policies: From the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to the Federal Government’s own technical assurance standard, such as ITSG-33, we can help build, certify, and test your solution to meet standards for classified or Protected information.


Your auditors are a valuable line of defense. We’ll work as auditors to test cybersecurity controls. Valencia has cyber professionals with CPA, CIA, and CISA designations.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

We’ll identify the flaws in your infrastructure, cloud, and applications with vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. We use cutting-edge tools handled like a safety razor, to give you real results without impact.

Threat Risk Assessments (TRA)

Understanding your risks means knowing where your Crown Jewels are, understanding the impact of breach, and tracing vulnerabilities and threats to your most important services and data. Our TRA meets the government’s harmonized TRA methodology, but is simple to digest, because it’s powered by Zest.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Breach Simulations

The best breach is a simulated breach. We bring national-calibre breach coaches and cyber experts together to create a custom scenario for you. From technical to tabletop, simulations are part of Slice, and one of the best training tools you can have.

Staff Augmentation

Many public sector organizations need to elevate and support their team during surge time or staffing shortages. A Valencian can help during surge demand periods.

Why Choose Valencia?

Our principals and associates have served as trusted advisors to federal, provincial, and state governments since 1998. We are experts in protecting public sector dollars and infrastructure. Here are just some of our contributions:

  • We helped build Canada’s first social engineering susceptibility index.
  • We’ve worked with provincial and federal standards across every province, and we have run hundreds of risk assessments, certifications, and penetration tests.
  • When a government corporation was attacked with sophisticated malware, our team isolated it, and sourced the attack to a Russian hacking group operating a botnet out of Utah. We coordinated with public and private stakeholders to capture and respond.
When you need customized cybersecurity advice adapted to your enterprise, you need Valencia.

Our subject matter experts, technical professionals, and automated cybersecurity dashboard add up to results you trust.


Your stakeholders can rest easy knowing your organization is protected from the breaches and vulnerabilities that have plagued others in your industry.


Your leaders can direct funds and energy to business development that would have gone toward piecing together an expensive team and in-house program.

Our Partners and Clients
We use proven and reputable technology partners to safeguard our clients’ information and infrastructure.
Working with us is simple and seamless