Cybersecurity Consulting

You don’t know what you don’t know. We find your risks and weaknesses before anyone else does.

Risk advice from professionals who know what you do—and why.

Valencia offers a comprehensive range of risk advisory services to protect your organization’s information and infrastructure. We reveal vulnerabilities, find weaknesses, and help your organization minimize security risks. Our subject matter experts guide you through the audit process in plain language using our unique approach and active testing techniques.

Do I need Valencia’s Cybersecurity Experts?

Our experts are from the public, municipal, healthcare, and private sectors. We know your specific privacy and security needs, and we can adapt our extensive programs to your individual organization. You might need our advisory and audit services if:

  • You have a growing organization that hasn’t developed an audit program or plan.
  • You’re not sure what your cybersecurity and privacy risks are or how to minimize them.
  • You have new systems and technologies and you need to be assured of your data’s security and privacy.
  • You want to know if you can be hacked.
  • You don’t have a roadmap or playbook.

Knowledge is power. So is protection.

Professional risk advisory and audit services are there to help you build and test programs to keep your organization free from harm and in compliance. Our job is to poke holes in your security and privacy programs, so nobody else can.

We test all aspects of your security.

Valencia employs a unique approach to security audits that includes the use of active penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, and tactical threat scenarios.

We put fully developed cybersecurity programs and plans in place.

Whether across the enterprise or limited to a specific service or system, we help you address your application, mobile, cloud, and embedded device security needs.

We strengthen your cybersecurity posture across the board.

Maturing the privacy and security postures of organizations requires insight and subject matter expertise beyond the assessment of general controls and process. We draw upon certified professionals with appropriate industry credentials.

Why Choose Valencia?

We are experts in protecting your industry.

Our principals and associates have served as trusted advisors to private, public, and healthcare sector organizations since 1998. Essentially, we’ve got you.

  • We help our healthcare clients protect their patient records and stay compliant with healthcare regulations, privacy laws, and breach reporting requirements.
  • We help our public sector clients steward the information and tax dollars of citizens.
  • We help our private enterprise clients protect their finances, sensitive data, and reputations.
When you need customized cybersecurity advice adapted to your enterprise, you need Valencia.

Our subject matter experts, technical professionals, and automated cybersecurity dashboard add up to results you trust.


Your stakeholders can rest easy knowing your organization is protected from the breaches and vulnerabilities that have plagued others in your industry.


Your leaders can direct funds and energy to business development that would have gone toward piecing together an expensive team and in-house program.

We offer a comprehensive range of cybersecurity consulting

From the inside out, Valencia peels back the layers of your organization to discover its specific threats and vulnerabilities. We apply rigorous analysis and testing, and provide expert advisory services to keep your organization healthy and risk-free.

Audit Services

Your auditors are a valuable line of defense. We’ll work as auditors to test cybersecurity controls. Valencia has cyber professionals with CPA, CIA, and CISA designations.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

We’ll identify the flaws in your infrastructure, cloud, and applications with vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. We use cutting-edge tools handled like a safety razor, to give you real results without impact.

Threat Risk Assessments (TRA)

Understanding your risks means knowing where your Crown Jewels are, measuring the impact of breach, tracing vulnerabilities and threats to your most important services and data. Our TRA maps these interactions to create a simple heat map. Powered by Zest.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Breach Simulations

The best breach is a simulated breach. We bring national-calibre breach coaches and cyber experts together to create a custom scenario for you. From technical to tabletop, simulations are part of Slice.

Staff Augmentation

Many public sector organizations need to elevate and support their team during surge time or staffing shortages. A Valencian can help during surge demand periods.

Program Development

We write policies, standards, playbooks, dashboards, strategies, and plans. It’s part of Citrus, and an important consulting service to tackle and transform your cybersecurity program.

Dashboards and Risk Registers

Powered by Zest, cybersecurity dashboards for your CSO, executives and IT geeks: built on Zest, compliant with your frameworks and standards.

Meet Our Cybersecurity Consulting Experts

Aron Feuer
Chief Executive Optimist
Roe Sivanandan
Principal Consultant
Richard McDonald
Special Advisor
Ahmad Murad
Cybersecurity Consultant
Pavle Bozalo
Risk Analyst
Julian B
Ian MacFarlane
Solutions Engineer
Kenneth Osmun
Manager, Risk Advisory
Sukhpreet Singh
Privacy Analyst
Victoria Torp
Risk Analyst
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