We protect you from digital bad guys.

Our vision is a safe and empowered digital world. If that sounds as good to you as it does to us, you’re in the right place.

Test Your Infrastructure

+ Penetration Testing
+ Vulnerability Assessments
+ Breach Simulations
+ Internal Audit

Tackle Threats to Your Systems

+ Cybersecurity Monitoring
+ Threat and Risk Assessments
+ Implement Cybersecurity Tools
+ Improve Security Scores

Transform Your Organization

+ Citrus, our Virtual Cybersecurity Office
+ Digital transformation strategies
+ Cybersecurity strategies
+ Secure Cloud adoption

Peace of mind is no small thing.
Your reputation depends on staying compliant with security and privacy regulations while protecting your organization with effective people, processes, and technology. Our experts take the pressure off.
Strategic experts. Fully available.
Staffing or supplementing a cybersecurity office is expensive and challenging.
Stay compliant. Always.
Every sector has unique security compliance needs and demands. From healthcare to public sector, finance, and critical infrastructure, we will help you measure, mature, and comply.
Rapid recovery. Record time.
A breach in security can shake your institution to its core. You can rely on our teams working together to have you running safely in record time.

Ready for anything. Powered by Zest.

We are cyber optimists and your embedded team members, here to protect your most important assets while lighting the path to security and privacy—from the inside. Our work is powered by Valencia’s Zest, a customized real-time dashboard that harmonizes information across your systems for an instant read of live threats, levels of exposure and risk, and hidden trends.
Accelerated Incident Response

When your security is breached, we stop damage in its tracks with our rapid six-point approach to containment, recovery, and prevention.

Outsourced Cybersecurity

Citrus is a mutual investment in your cybersecurity assurance. Lock it in for years by integrating with Valencia’s experts.

Cybersecurity Consulting

We assess and advise on the most important risks with advanced security testing, audit, and maturity assessments.

Cybersecurity Solutions

We offer wraparound solutions that span technology, process, and people to protect your stakeholders and your future.

Privacy Consulting

Work with our experts, skilled in privacy breach response and the complex regulatory landscape that governs security in your industry.

Our Partners and Clients
We use proven and reputable technology partners to safeguard our clients’ information and infrastructure.