We are cyber optimists

We live in a world of risk and threats, yet we create a positive path towards a brighter future with custom cybersecurity and risk management.


We envision a safe & empowered digital world.


We aim to keep you safe from digital bad guys.

How we protect you

Like our namesake, the Valencia orange, our firm has a tough but zesty exterior. We protect the fruit of our clients’ labour, while being engaging and enthusiastic throughout the experience.

We ensure our clients have the technology controls, policies, and procedures to build a program, and the people to deliver our promise.

Valencians, at heart

The fruit—bright, fresh, and sweet—is also a metaphor for the smart, creative thinking and compassion we bring to our clients and the world.

From tiny seeds, big ideas bloom

Deep within are the seeds of success, germinating new ideas and solutions to help our stakeholders blossom and grow—alongside each client’s legacy and future impact.

We pick only the best!
Valencia is a boutique cybersecurity firm that Canada’s top professionals in cybersecurity, privacy, compliance, and risk management call home. Join our team of experts focused on the public sector, healthcare, and midsize private companies across North America.