Security Assurance

Valencia IIP offers a comprehensive range of cyber-security services to protect your organization’s information and infrastructure. We reveal vulnerabilities, find weaknesses, and help your organization minimize security risks.

Whether across the enterprise or limited to a specific service or system, Valencia IIP helps your organization address your application, mobile, network and embedded device security needs.

Our security assurance services consist of:

  • Developing information security programs including policy development, operations integration as well as training & knowledge transfer.
  • Conducting:
    • Threat and risk assessments for systems and services using Canadian and International standards
    • Application Security Assessment and Security code reviews
    • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing including ‘red team’ and ‘purple team’ exercises
    • Open source intelligence and social engineering
    • Security Certification and Accreditation, including ISO 27001/27002, and Canadian standards
  • Providing guidance on cybersecurity insurance requirements and selection
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Would you like to bring this information to your team? Download the PDF outline of our Privacy and Security Audit Services below. If you have further questions, we would be happy to connect.