Privacy Assurance

Valencia IIP offers a comprehensive range of privacy assurance services to protect your organization’s information and infrastructure. Our deep subject matter expertise comes from our experience in helping healthcare, public and private sector clients to minimize their privacy risks.

Our privacy assurance services consist of:

  • Conducting privacy impact assessments
  • Creating or augmenting privacy programs to address policy development and oversight, including:
    • Advising and developing data sharing arrangements and agreements
    • Advising on de-identification techniques
    • Developing public notices
    • Developing consent management solutions
    • Training and knowledge transfer
    • Developing access to information programs
  • Supporting outsourcing and cloud strategies
  • Assisting mergers & acquisition due diligence exercises
  • Advising on cross-border issues involving personal information

Would you like to bring this information to your team? Download the PDF outline of our Privacy and Security Audit Services below. If you have further questions, we would be happy to connect.