Information Governance

In today’s economy, a competitive advantage can be gained by extracting value from your information holdings to meet your business objectives. Our privacy and security expertise helps clients understand their information holdings and contribute to the development of their information governance program.

Valencia IIP understands the multi-disciplinary framework needed to both manage information at an enterprise level and reduce “information risk”. We combine various perspectives to enhance the development of your information governance program: information security, privacy, risk management, enterprise architecture, audit and analytics.

Our information governance services consist of:

  • Mapping and categorizing information holdings
  • Creating information governance frameworks
  • Developing policies & procedures to manage and protect information
  • Assessing & architecting technology solutions to better control & protect information holdings

Would you like to bring this information to your team? Download the PDF outline of our Privacy and Security Audit Services below. If you have further questions, we would be happy to connect.